She shocks with photos of brutally murdered squirrels or footage of a koala being devoured by the flames of climate change, but she also offers a moment of silence when she presents the dead animals honoured by beautiful flower decorations or allows them to vanish into the landscape. While extremely emotional, Kristýna’s work is always founded on facts and would never twist the story for sensation. Kristýna’s films and photographs aim to inform the society of pressing issues, inspire positive change and raise donations to conservation organizations.

Wild Media is Kristýna’s very own project that brings all her work together to present it to the public audience. Please enjoy and get in touch if you have any questions or would like to collaborate.


Wild Media is a project of Kristýna Čechlovská, wildlife conservationist who, inspired by her lifelong love of nature, uses her photography and filmmaking skills not only to share the beauty of wildlife, but most importantly to raise awareness of the challenges it faces. With bold and straightforward style, Kristýna addresses the themes of environmental destruction, animal rights, injustice, suffering and the human-wildlife conflict.

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